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Workshop promotes healing, tapping into your potential, heart opening, transformational changes and manifestation

CACAO: The event starts with a Cacao Ceremony. Ceremonial Cacao is ethically grown and produced from heirloom strains of cacao. It processes the highest quality, most pure, unheated, unprocessed part of the cacao bean. Ceremonial cacao has many amazing, life-affirming qualities that support health and psychological well-being because it naturally produces serotonin, dopamine and anandamide, the bliss molecules that make us feel high. It increases the blood flow to the brain, creating more mental agility, awareness and focus, and opens our hearts so we feel more loving and peaceful. It is thicker and more flavoursome compared to a regular cacao.

THE CEREMONY: Participants are sitting in the circle, sharing their intentions and the transformational changes they are seeking. Next, the group collectively preform 11 min meditation to energise the cacao, after which each participant drinks the cacao mindfully while being connected to their intention. Cacao acts as a stimulant and releases happy hormones (endorphin, serotonin) that can evoke a light euphoria and an energy burst.


DANCE: The group dance 5 - 10 music to happy, energising music releasing all the stagnation and built-up tension, freeing up the body.


KUNDALINI YOGA: Kriya (set of exercises) follows within a workshop topic "Balance the Chakras". Kundalini Yoga is a combination of asanas, breathing, meditation and mudras (focus). It is a powerful tool to build a strong body, reset the stress system, raise the energy to achieve the highest potential, connect to your true self to start making different choices, break addictions/habits and create transformative changes. It is a fast method in yoga; the difference before and after is noticed from your first classes. It helps to strengthen further the intentions set during the cacao to land into your auric field. Kundalini Yoga is accompanied by Alchemy Singing Bowls, hand pan and mantas that add another beautiful layer to the session.


GONG BATH: A Gong Bath is performed while participants lying down to relax. It creates a profound transformation by aligning the physical body and cleansing our energetic field and subconscious mind with powerful sound vibrations. It allows us to plant our intentions set at the Cacao ceremony into the subconscious and, therefore manifest more easily.

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